What is Paintless Dent Removal
Every Car Owners fear is to return to your vehicle only to find it damaged. Now there is a superb cost effective alternative to traditional body shops.

Paintless Dent Removal (P.D.R) is the art of removing minor Dings and Dents from Vehicles using special custom made Tools To 'Massage' the Metal back to Original shape and condition whilst preserving the Original Paintwork and Finish.

Because we eliminate the need for Fillers or Repainting , your car is repaired yet still in original condition.P.D.R is effective in removing a wide range of dents from a tiny pin dent to a dent the size of a football and bigger , providing the paintwork is not damaged.Repairs usually take between 30mins and 1 hour depending on the dent size.

  • pin dents 
  • door ding 
  • trolley dents 
  • outward dents (high spots)
  • Large Dents